Thursday, 23 February 2012

A few people have spoken to me about this week's episode of 'One Born Every Minute' as there was a lady who was pregnant following stillbirth.  I used to love 'One Born Every Minute' - it was one of the highlights of my week, sad I know!  Now, even the name of the show upsets me, let alone the content, so I have to admit I haven't been ale to bring myself to watch the episode.  I have, however, found a video of the lady in question talking about her stillbirth and I wanted to share it. I think it's great that the show are covering this issue.  In previous series' they've always had an episode based in the NICU but it shows a very small part of the story and, as much as I loved the show, it is often a hard watch for people who don't have normal experiences.  I don't want stillbirth to be a taboo subject.  Like Sarah in the video I want the opportunity to talk about Emilie as much as possible.  My friends are really patient with me and let me talk about her birth when they talk about their birth experiences. They know that I love her, she will always be my daughter and although the days surrounding her birth were the most traumatic of my life, I would never trade the time I spent with her.  I got to give birth to her naturally.  Sam was born my c-section and I didn't get to hold him - he was resuscitated and whisked away to NICU straight away so chances are, as a result of my complications, this will be the only chance I have to give birth naturally and hold my baby.  I will not stop talking about that incase it makes people uncomfortable or upset.  The opportunity to give birth to her was so special and I will always treasure that experience, knowing I did the best for her I possibly could.  Thank you 'One Born Every Minute' for highlighting this.....


  1. Claire, thank you for sharing about Emilie and dont ever apologise. It is a privilege to talk to you about the pregnancy and birth of Emilie.It is a privilege to talk about the hopes and dreams you had for Emilie. She will never be forgotten and your beautiful angel daughter Emilie will ALWAYS be a part of your friends lives.
    We praise God for Emilie who was perfectly made and knitted in your womb (Psalm 139:13-14)We thank God for the precious moments during your pregnancy when you felt Emilie and the experience you had of delivering her and time though short you spent with her, most precious and wonderful. Those of us who have not been through a still birth cannot ever comprehend the sheer pain you must both experience but through this blog and obem episode, we can try and understand your feelings and be there for you xx